• Receipt of the application and data sheet at the central co-coordinating office of HRDS would Be followed by a personal interview with the Administrative director, HRDS and a visit by the Team of HRDS professional at the prospective center, if needed.

    The Human Resource Development Society (HRDS) is a leading network spanning over A.P and Telangana with more than 250 study centers. HRDS awards certification to the students who have trained in computer software and hard ware, management, Fashion designing and beautician, Engineering and technical divisions through its study centers . HRDS has carved out a riche for itself, and planning to expand through out the country.

    • The HRDS study center should satisfy the following criteria.
    • Should be in business (IT related) or should be a professional with the required Entrepreneurial environment.
    • Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a study center with Proper infrastructure and man power.
    • Should have commitment for providing quality training to students.
    • Should be willing to be a part of the HRDS team in accepting the terms and conditions
      and procedures as laid down by HRDS.


  • On receiving this offer, a prospective study center should apply with complete details of self premises, plans for business development, in the format of the data sheet attached at the end of your application.

    Constant interaction between the Administrative office and each of the study Centers to ensure smooth operations and maintenance of the stipulated standard of Programs.
    • Active support by way of placement cell for students passing out of each of the programs.
    • Review to assist and to further income generation.
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